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Where did my privacy go?

There has been a lot of talk about privacy, security and data in general which made the headlines in the last couple of months. Most notoriously the GDPR law also came into effect as of 1st of May, which obliged companies take measures to protect the...

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To Agile or not to Agile

  We are past midway 2018 and we are still asking ourselves the question: to Agile or not to Agile? For some of you the answer to this question may be obvious but reality is that there are lot of organisations out there that are still not doing it. So...

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Node.js v10

Node 10 was released last year and it's going to be enter the LTS phase this October. So it is about time to fresh up on some of the Node 10 features and start rolling out to production environments if you haven't done so already. I am going to list the...

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AWS: Lambda (Serverless)

Long time no see, I guess, but now I am back to posting more often over here. Today's topic focuses on an interesting technology: the serverless. Serverless and containers (or in their very popular form, docker) have been buzzwords throughout the last...

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Software teams

This is my first post from the board of an airplane but I believe there is a first for everything. Today I want to talk about software teams, how should they work in a productive manner, how to measure team success and a little bit about conflicts. I have been working...

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The ugly truth

The truth is always a risky business. Nobody likes an ugly truth but that's mainly because they don't know how to take criticism constructively. Most people like to surround themselves with people who tell them how great they are, how they've done a great job and be...

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Making a mark

Making a mark is so important in our lives, be it in our personal lives, in our circle of friends, at school, at the workplace or if you're thinking big, the entire human race. We all want to be appreciated for who we truly are, but inside we are afraid, that who we...

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Leadership or the lack thereof

Leadership is a skill. It is not something that can be granted, appointed or awarded by others. It is not something that is tied to a position or a role and as any other skill it can be mastered in time. What is truly worrisome is that most people confuse authority...

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Politics in technology

Politics: The activities associated with the governance of a country or area, especially the debate between parties having power. This is not an article on software development as you might expect but rather touches on some of the subtleties that are affecting from as...

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Cloud First: AWS

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is one of the biggest cloud providers along with Microsoft Azure with data centers across the globe. They provide a mixture of IaaS (infrastructure as a service) and PaaS (platform as a service). Their offerings include a large number of...

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