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Javascript garbage collection scheduling

Google’s Chrome web browser strives to deliver a smooth user experience. An animation will update the screen at 60FPS (frames per second), giving Chrome approximately 16.6 milliseconds to perform the update. Within these 16.6ms, all input events have to be processed, all animations have to be performed, and finally the frame has to be rendered. A missed deadline will result in dropped frames. These are visible to the user and degrade the user experience. Such sporadic animation artifacts are referred to here as junk.

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Bringing Holography to Light

In recent months, one company after another has come out with products that appear to create holograms, but according to optics experts, most do not use true holography to create their three-dimensional (3D) effects. – ACM october issue.

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Node.js: Promises vs Callbacks

  If you know a thing or two about node.js is that it's an asynchronous event-driven environment that some love and some hate. Node's approach to asynchronous operations is very different from what you might be used to from languages such as C# or Java where you...

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LambdaWrap, a Ruby GEM for AWS Lambda

Author: Markus Thurner Reblogged from: We’ve released LambdaWrap, a Ruby gem to simplify deployment to a serverless application based on AWS Lambda. This blog post talks about the...

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Cloud First: Azure

Hello everyone! As promised this is a follow up post to this one and is a high level overview of the Microsoft Azure cloud service. I've been using Azure for a couple of years now and and if I was to summarize I would say it's a good service with great and...

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Welcome to the cloud!

Hello and welcome to 2016! This is the first post of the 2016 and I wanted to start with a series of posts on cloud services, because it appears to be a cool place that everyone wants to know about and there is quite a competition between the big four...

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The cool world of node.js

Hello! If you know me or if you have read my blog you know I like C#, a lot. However ... I cannot help to notice that C# has its shortcomings especially when it comes around web, webservices and usually it's not particularly easy to do simple stuff and...

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Threading in C#: Part IV

In the last couple of posts I talked about threading in C#, dangers and advantages. Now I am going to present collections that you can use in an environment where threads are heavy used. So what's the issue that we're trying to solve here? Assuming that you have a...

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Threading in C#: Part III

Hello, as promised this is a continuation of Part II of the C# threading series. I hope you your time is well spent here. Locking Exclusive locking ensures that only one thread can access a particular section of the code at any given time. The main mechanisms used for...

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Threading in C#: Part II

This is a continuation of threading in C# covered here. In this article I am going to cover more usages of threading, particularly timers and UI threading. Multi-threaded Timers live in System.Threading.Timer and System.Timers and they represent one of the most common...

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