This is a Windows application that essentially manages data in a few SQL databases. I used C# with Windows Forms and as IDE I used Visual Studio 2012.

Key features include:

  • Licensing
  • Database data manipulation
  • SSH remote control
  • Account management
  • Character management
  • Items customizer
  • Character ranking
  • Mass message sender
  • Linux server monitor

Development took almost two weeks and it was meant for commercial purpose (although initially it was intended to be free). An online free version was also available at the beginning of the development for testing purposes.
Data was held in SQL Server databases and the purpose of the application was to manage that data in a friendly user interface (GUI) so that any user with no programming language could change that data.
Another feature that was created was the SSH remote control of a Linux machine (with CentOS). The point was to check the status of a couple of services and change config files for some scripts in a friendly way.

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