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Further intro to C#

I've got some positive feedback on the article with C# so I decided to do a bit more digging into the subject. So, you're interested in coding in C# but you are not really sure what is best for you. Supposedly you are not interested in Console Applications and you...

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Opportunities for Students – ACM

Hello guys! Today, I am speaking as an Academic Student Ambassador and I want to present you an excellent opportunity, it's about Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). It's an amazing opportunity and a great resources for Computer Science students who want to...

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Intro to C#

Hello everyone! Today I am going to talk you about C#, what's nice about it, why one would learn it and why should you? C# is one of the high level languages due to its high abstractization level. This means that each instruction is translated into much machine code...

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Started a blog!

Hello there! My name is Emanuel Scirlet, some of you may know me as emi and I am Computer Science student though I involved myself in various projects. Some of you may well know me from the Data-Soft project or from the day to day to life, either way welcome to my...

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