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Opportunities for Students – ACM

Opportunities for Students – ACM

January 22, 2014 11:09 PM1 comment

Hello guys!

Today, I am speaking as an Academic Student Ambassador and I want to present you an excellent opportunity, it’s about Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

It’s an amazing opportunity and a great resources for Computer Science students who want to better themselves. So let’s keep this straight, shall we?

The list of benefits:

Screenshots (certifications + training):
trainings trainings2]



You can also find amazing books (unique books) that costs tens or hundreds of dollars piece but you can read them for free.

Training Path that contains hundreds of training.

Spoiler Inside: Training listSelectShow


I think it’s a pretty great opportunity. How much does it cost ?
It costs $42/year for all countries but the less developed countries for which the subscription cost is lower ($32 – Romania).
List of less developed countries.

Subscribe NOW and make use of the largest and most respected community of Students and IT Professionals around the word.

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