Hello there!

My name is Emanuel Scirlet, some of you may know me as emi and I am Computer Science student though I involved myself in various projects.
Some of you may well know me from the Data-Soft project or from the day to day to life, either way welcome to my blog!

First thing I want to say is that it has been an interesting year, I gained a lot, I lost here and there but definitely learned a lot.
I would say that the Data-Soft project was the main project last year, not only that I had the chance to meet great people but also a chance to know more about myself.
Though we had a great team and we did really great things together the project came to an end mainly due to the fact that people didn’t have enough time anymore to dedicate to the project.
Probably the most important thing I learned the way is that is extremely important to pass on knowledge and help create a better place for ourselves(yep it’s me talking)
Personally I had the chance to play with C# and some really advanced C++ and Windows APIs along the way, but in a fun environment without stress and deadlines. I strongly believe you really need to enjoy what you are doing in order to succeed!

So why did I start this blog?

Well, because I want to pass on some of my knowledge, give away opportunities for other student from around world and tips for rookies.

I will not be talking much about me in this post, more info about me you can find in About me section.
Of course if you have a project you want advice or questions do not hesitate to contact me, I’ll be glad to help!

So what will be covering on this blog?

Mainly tech subjects: algorithms, developing apps, tipps, main tech events, opportunities for students and much more!
As of today the area of languages covered will be C/C++, C#, Java but that is subject of change(RoR maybe included, ASP..)

Occasionally guest stars will have a chance to write an article on a subject on my blog. Guest stars include other students from universities across the globe, people I know, people I worked with and last but not least IT Professionals working out there in the most prestigious companies giving you insights.

As for the language I will be writing on this blog is English mainly because the blog is dedicated to students across the globe but posts in German or Romanian are not excluded.

I really have some great opportunities for you, students at CS!


I am looking forward to get in touch with you!

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