No technical article for today but rather a collection of recommendations that I give to the people I meet in general. If you are not decided what you want to do you should definitely read this. It applies very much to the technical area as well as other fields and even in life.

People often say: “I am going to the University, often I don’t learn anything useful or interesting, what should I do?”, the answer to that comes from yourself. It depends on who you want you to be, you can be “no one” or you can be “the one”. So how can I become “the one” you may ask yourself. You can become through a lot of work, nothing comes from itself or falls of the sky. A person I really respect once said:”Someone becomes a genius when the amount of practice or exercise exceeds a certain amount of hours”. I strongly believe in this as well as in there is no limit you can’t reach. All you need to do is work hard and the results will not hesitate to show off themselves.

As this blog is addressed to technical students I should speak in more details about what this really means. In order to be happy with yourself, with who you are you should do whatever makes you happy in the first place, regardless of others say. So if you are happy coding in C/C++ or Java for that matter you should do so, but note this: you are still young and you should be experimenting. If you haven’t find “your thing” you should keep trying until you do, remember you are only as limited as you want to. It is very important that you are happy with what you are doing at any given moment because then and only then you can be fully dedicated and have astonishing performance.
On the other hand, if you are miserable your performance will be the same and you should not continue this road. For example you code in C++ at work because you “have to” but you hate it, you should definitely try to do something about it.
There is another downside to doing stuff because you are forced to; later as years pass you will get filled with regrets, “What if I would’ve done …”,sadly then it’s too late and there is nothing you can change…

Another problem I face almost daily is when students think they are not good enough for a certain job. I have friends that have a low self esteem though they are very good of what they do. You should be confident in your own capabilities in order to succeed, it may be hard at first but you will get used to eventually.
And then there are those who are having a hard time dealing with failure. If they failed once they think they’ll never succeed, that’s false. Sometimes, no matter how good we are luck steps in and can take away an opportunity you’ve been working so hard for. This can happen once or twice but eventually you’ll get to be on top(of the world) if you work hard enough.

In the end I have a little story for you:


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